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Chester and Delaware Counties, PA.

Welcome to Pillar To Post – Team Erik Gertsen. As part of your local community, we promise to provide our local real estate professionals, home buyers and home sellers with a home inspection service that brings to the buying or selling of a home unmatched quality, precision, integrity, and professionalism.

We call what we do “The Moment of Truth”. It is the moment when the emotion of buying and selling a home meets the reality of the issues of that home. Our work is to communicate effectively, knowledgeably, efficiently, and openly about the condition of a home. We understand that our customers trust us to inform and educate them about what we see and what we find, and this is a trust we hold in the highest regard.

In addition to the 3 Levels of Home Inspections that we provide, Team Erik Gertsen also offers the following value-added services:

Radon Testing – Learn more about Radon.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

Mold Testing

Water Testing

Allergen Testing

Invasive Stucco Inspections

Pool & Spa Inspections

Septic Inspections

Infrared Inspections

Real estate professionals
For real estate professionals, our work is a commitment to the understanding that their reputation is our responsibility and that a relationship with us reinforces the confidence their clients have in them.

Home buyers
For the home buyer, our work is an objective explanation of the condition of the potential new home to which an emotional tie is already being formed.

Home sellers
For the home seller our work is to honor the home they have lived in, and to report on its condition observed at the time of the inspection.

For all of our customers, Pillar To Post – Team Erik Gertsen considers the home a place of the heart, as it houses the people that are loved and the memories of lifetimes. This is why we call Pillar To Post The Home of Home Inspection.


Frequently Asked Questions for a Home Inspector

What is a “Home Inspection?”

A home inspection is a comprehensive, visual, real time analysis of the current conditions of a home.

How long does it take to do a home inspection?

The average home inspection takes approximately 2-3 hours but varies depending on the size and age of the home.

Why do I need a home inspection?

You need a home inspection to identify hidden defects, potential health and safety issues, and large ticket repairs for systems that are at the end of their life-cycle.

Should I try to conduct one myself?

It is definitely not recommended to perform a home inspection yourself, an ASHI certified home inspector has a trained eye, which will identify hidden defects, potential health and safety issues, and large ticket repairs for systems that are at the end of their life-cycle.

When should I call in the home inspector?

You generally call to schedule your inspections immediately following the acceptance of your contract.

Can the house fail the inspection?

Home inspections are not a pass or fail evaluation.  Actually, most defects can be corrected and are usually negotiated with the sellers.

What if the report reveals problems?

If the report reveals problems, we would recommend further evaluation by a licensed professional for repairs. A realtor then would negotiate with the seller to reach a resolution.

If the house looks to be in good condition, do I really need a home inspection?

A clean inspection report is a good inspection. The inspection process is designed to educate the client on proper maintenance and characteristics of the home being purchased.

Do I have to be in attendance for the inspection?

We always recommended that the buyer attend the inspection. This will enable you to clearly understand what is in the written report, and to answer any questions as we go through the house together. We do understand that there are times that clients cannot attend, but we do make sure our inspector is available to go over the report with the client.

Do new homes need an inspection?

Absolutely! New homes should be inspected. There are often defects identified due to incomplete installation. A third-party review of a new home is invaluable to the buyer and highly recommended.

How do I pay for my inspection?

We accept most forms of payment at the conclusion of the home inspection including cash, check, or all major credit cards.

What if I have questions after the inspection takes place?

The inspector is always accessible through phone or email for any questions you may have regarding the inspection.

Does a home inspection include an appraisal?

A home inspection does not include an appraisal – that is performed by a licensed appraiser.

Does a home inspection include checking for termites?

A termite inspection is an added service for an additional charge. The inspector will, however, identity any termite related damage to the structure and make recommendations.

Does a home inspection include checking for mold?

During the home inspection if possible mold is identified, we will make a recommendation for further testing to be done, which can be performed immediately for an additional charge.

Does a home inspection include checking for radon?

Radon testing is an added service at an addition charge. This is one of the most common added services added to the inspection process. Radon is extremely common in Southeastern region of Pennsylvania and testing is always recommended even when the home does not have a basement.

Does a home inspection include checking for asbestos?

Asbestos can be common in older homes, and testing is available for an additional charge. When suspected asbestos is identified in the home it will be identified in the report along with the safety hazards associated with the material.

Does a home inspection include checking the septic system?

Septic systems are an added service for an additional charge. We have a recommended professional who are experts in this field and will join us at the time of inspection for an independent report.

Do home inspections expire?

Home inspections don’t expire but conditions in the home change daily. An inspection is recommended with every transaction. We even recommend a building inspection following a prior inspection due to the deal falling through.

Why should I choose Pillar To Post – Team Erik Gertsen?

Pillar To Post – Team Erik Gertsen firmly believes in servicing community with an extensive, hands on, practical experience. We believe that a good inspector has spent time in the field, learning all aspects of building construction. What makes Team Erik Gertsen so unique is that experience is shared with each and every one of our clients during the inspection process. Practical experience is one of the most important characteristics of a good home inspector.  Team Erik Gertsen believes in making everyone of our clients and realtor’s lifelong friends…

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